House Refurb

The existing Living room is now a modern new kitchen.

The staircase was enclosed and very narrow. We replaced it with an open plan one leading into the new living area.

TheEdge Building had the pleasure of being giving a run down property to refurbish. The room space & layouts wasn't being used to there full potential and the d├ęcor was dated. The whole property needed rewiring and a new heating and boiler system needed fitting.

With the owners permission we  removed the disused fireplaces, swapped the living room with the existing kitchen, replaced the staircase with a new open plan one and gave the whole house a new look.

The old kitchen was much larger than the living area. It made sense to swap them around, giving the owner a new open plan living area.

The existing Bathroom was in need of modernisation..

We removed the chimney breast from the living and kitchen so an RSJ needed to be put in. We then put down lighters in, replastered and rewired the rooms.

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